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Radio Dacorum is a project of

Community Action Dacorum

Registered Charity No: 288080.

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I'm Tony Richards,  I host the Mixed Nuts show and I'm also an occasional presenter on the Sound & Vision Film Show.

I work for the British Film Institute as a Conservation Specialist. I have a passion for films & music and this is reflected in the playlists I put together  for the Mixed Nuts show. Which is an eclectic mix of Film soundtracks, Library music, funk, TV themes, Indie, rock, rarities & the weird.  All very groovy.



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Could you tell us a few of your favourite films?

Apocalypse Now, El Topo, Holy Mountain, Tommy, Quadrophenia, Performance, Dawn of the Dead, La Cabina, The Swimmer, DREDD, Avengers Assemble, Seconds, The Hourglass Sanatorium, Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre, Mad Max 2, Taxi Driver, La Haine, Obscure Italian 70's horrors , Cheesy 80's action flicks & All the Monty Python films to name a few.

Favourite Books/Authors?

The Fall-Albert Camus, Hunter S.Thompson- Fear & Loathing in las Vegas, American Psycho-Brett Easton Ellis,  Primo Levi, Peter Cook, Irvine Welsh, John Wagner, Pat Mills & Garth Ennis and many more.

Favourite places to visit?

Lake Como, Las Vegas, Byron Bay, Frasier Islands, Las Vegas, Brighton, Soho, Southbank, Old London Pubs, Old vinyl record shops, Phoenix artist bar in Tott' Court Road and Dacorum of course.

Could you tell us some of your favourite artists?

The Who, Manic St. Preachers, XTC, Matt Johnson (The The), Alan Hawkshaw, Fabio Frizzi, Stelvio Cipriani, keith Mansfield, Jack White, Paul Weller, Primal Scream, Supergrass, Super Furry Animals, Bluetones, Goblin, Roy Budd, Peter Wyngarde and that's just the tip of the Iceberg, there's so many I love.  

Any other interests or hobbies?

I like collecting Vinyl, old & rare soundtracks. Comics, I'm a big fan of 2000ad & graphic novels too. As you can tell I enjoy watching films at the cinema, especially our local ones, The Empire, The Rex & The Odyssey. Shopping at second hand clothes stores for 70's style shirts & jackets. Live gigs & concerts are a must.  Plus fine whiskies & real ales. What more could one ask for? (lifts eyebrow in a Roger Moore style ;)

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