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Privacy Policy


Good morrow ladies and gentlemen, I am Tom and I am the host of Terrific Tuesday Tune Time and Terrific Tuesday Tune Time (After Dark). During my shows I am to play songs from across the board and hopefully introduce you to a song/artist you may never have heard before. Terrific Tuesday Tune Time tends to cater to the lighter end of the musical spectrum and, as the name suggests, Terrific Tuesday Tune Time (After Dark) caters to the darker side of things.


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What inspired you to get into radio?

Well I initially began presenting as an assistant to my friend Tom Murray, back when he had his show, and then I've just progressed from there. I also like sharing my knowledge with people, as well as expanding it by learning about new things so I try to cover both of those during my show.


Do you have a favoured genre?

Not particularly, I'm pretty much a fan of anything and everything. Although I do tend to go through phase of falling in love with a particular genre (e.g. surf punk or technical deathcore).


What are your other interests besides music?

As I mentioned I like learning about new things a lot, so when I'm on the internet I'm usually on some kind of educational adventure. I'm also a big fan of films with A Clockwork Orange, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and American Beauty being amongst my favourites. I also read a lot and also watch a fair amount of TV when I'm at home.


What's your favourite colour?

Conveniently for Radio Dacorum, my favourite colour is a nice royal purple!


What are your aspirations in life?

Well obviously to be comfortable and happy, but I've got a lot of ideas I'm hoping to work on. I also aim to stay presenting at Radio Dacorum for as long as possible!

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