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rosey + stewart

Stewsday on a Tuesday first aired back in 2013 (Actually it was a Wednesday and then moved to a Tuesday, but who’s checking). First started by Stewart and Rosey, with Sherief offering movie news via a call in, but we couldn’t keep him away for long and he now joins us on a regular basis in the studio. Gavin joined us back in 2014 and drops in every now and then with his own take on the world. Other Stewsday guest presenters

included Tom, Alice, Rezija, Toni and Matt. Stewsday wouldn’t be Stewsday without a team of people giving you their view on life and generally making fools of themselves for your entertainment.If you want to know what’s going on in the world and would like to have your say on the things that matter, get in touch, we might let you talk.



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Why did you decide to join the Radio Dacorum family?

Stew – I have a strange need to sit in small rooms with as many people possible, but I hate saunas

Rosey – I’m a lover of music and without me Stew wouldn’t play such greats as the Fast Food Song by the Fast Food Rockers…

Do you really enjoy Star Trek or is it all a big joke?

Stew – Yep, I grew up with Star Trek and I strongly believe it helped to shape my morals (maybe that’s not good?!)

Rosey – Stew introduced me to Star Trek in 2014 and since then I can’t stop watching it, but my morals were perfectly fine without it, Stew’s just odd.

Do you get paid much to run Stewsday?

Stew – HAHAHAHAHA… No, please write to and suggest I get a rise!

Rosey – We are all volunteers, we are here because we love what we do, not necessarily the company… ay Stew ;)

Who would be your perfect guest on Stewsday?

Stew – William Shatner of course, I’d ask him to sing a song and tell us a story and then we would just sit in the corner of the studio having a cuddle…

Rosey – Ryan Reynolds… He wouldn’t need to talk, just sit… or stand… or bend over…

Do you have any exciting plans for the comming year?

Stew – More Stewsday, what could be more exciting than that?!

Rosey – …What?... Sorry I’m still thinking about Ryan Reynolds…

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