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Privacy Policy


Hello it's Bryan,


I enjoy playing all types music from the 1950's to the present and my style is very mixed with a lot of dance tracks to slow ones. I have been DJing from the 1980's on Vinyl and in 2009 started to converted them to digital format.  

I use the name "Blues" when I used to play R&B along with blues and did

not want to be confused with other DJ's with the same name.

I used to run a Khet Players UK website and Championship and I enjoy doing Genealogy, photography, travelling, quizzes; TV, films and reading.



How did you get into Disc Jocky work?

I used to be on the dance scene in London and wanted to start playing music as I thought I could do a better job than a lot of DJ's. I had started to buy records and saved up money and bought my self a second hand disco kit and practiced like mad. My mum had a friend who's other half was a Pub DJ playing 60's music in the Rose And Crown, so I spent a night with him chatting and getting advice.  I was asked to do some parties and fund raisers and it took off from there ending up at Radio Dacorum.


Apart from listening to music, I like to make Ice Cream and Yoghurt, play board games and watch DVDs. Cooking does relax me but only when I have time to do it. I also enjoy doing family history which is challenging and rewarding finding out about my ancestors and their lives.


What do you do for a holiday?

I enjoy visiting our lovely country and locally around Hertfordshire but I also love travelling around the World and have been to North and South America, New Zealand, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I get to know the people and their food, drink and how they live. I have had a beer an ice cream and chocolate in every country I have visited.


Have you done anything interesting in your life?

I have been in a BBC play when I was about 8 or 9 years old and have also acted, which I loved to do. I was mentioned on Radio One (the Ed Stewart Show) when I was young and have been in a Parisian Magazine when I was visiting Paris (though I have forgotten what one it was now) as well as mentioned in the Pocket Dragon Gazette and in the local paper and a national flyer. I have written some plays, though unpublished, I have met a few famous people in London and met band members too. Flying was always a love that I wanted to do and this really tops it all, flying for the first time was really great. Learning to use computers without any training was great too as I wanted to see how things worked and started from the basics and my great big joy was talking computer  stuff to geeks and passing myself off as a person who knew about them.


Do you like Sports?

Yes, I used to play so much sport when I was young and until injuries, I would run, play football, baseball, cricket etc. Since my dad love bikes,  we used to go to Brands Hatch and I used to love Motocross, trails and all things motorbikes. I also love watching F1, Rally, Rugby, The Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, The Grand National. I loved watching the World Of Sport too, watching all types of sport from around the world was fun.

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