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Welcome to our new music blog. Here you will find reviews of great new music. Local stuff, unsigned stuff, signed but not too well known stuff, or things that are just too epic to keep to ourselves. Do let us know if you are in a great band or a solo artist with an EP or album that you want featured here. Just pop an email to Cheers!

By matthatton, Apr 13 2016 06:43PM

Genre: Folk

In a nutshell: Whimsical floaty folky music to bathe your ears in.

Steve Warner is a folk singer songwriter from Hertfordshire, and we got our hands on his latest EP to review and play. It’s good!

It’s a relaxed affair; four out of five tracks are smooth folk with slick melodies and thoughtful lyrics. School Gate plays like a seriously good Adele number (honestly!), while Mud ponders the pain of war in relaxed singer songwriter style. Harpenden Driver is a surprisingly upbeat and gritty ending to the EP; presumably recollections of being run off the road by a bad driver in Harpenden!

Overall, a smooth listen, and well worth checking out in concert or CD!

By matthatton, Apr 13 2016 06:36PM

Genre: Folk/Blues/Jazz/Country/Swing

In a nutshell: A masterclass in Americana infused folky jazz blues country music...

This is a great record. It feels like a beautiful mash up of a Pokey LaFarge record and Alison Krauss and Robert Plant’s ‘Raising Sand.’ Broadly, it’s a folk record, but there are lots of blues and jazz influences, with a dash of Americana and country music thrown in for fun.

‘Say no to the Devil’ is a standout track, great fun in a New Orleans jazz style, nicely contrasted with more soothing numbers like ‘Skylark’ and ‘The house is haunted’ really showcasing Hilary’s elegant vocal style. There are some great harmony lines scattered around the record too. The performance is polished throughout, and the performances by the band are rock solid start to finish.

Hilary has been on the circuit for a while now, with her first record having been released in 1990, and this being her seventh solo album. So, if you like this, there is plenty to dive into.

In a nutshell, thoroughly relaxing music to while away a stressful day to. Give it a spin!

By matthatton, Apr 13 2016 06:34PM

Genre: Sheepcore

In a nutshell: Barnstorming riffs and licks in a extravaganza of parody metal.

Bleating Apocalypse, as the name implies, don’t take themselves overly seriously. They brand their music ‘sheepcore,’ are endorsed by the legendary interior designer Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, and tackle weighty lyrical topics as diverse as Countdown (Carol purists, none of this modern muck), the dangers of eating too many bananas, and elevators.

Whilst the lyrical content is riotously silly, the musicianship is genuinely excellent, sparkling guitar solos over savage riffs wrought from British steel. This reviewer recommends introducing yourself by listening to ‘Sun and Showers,’ a song which recounts erroneous weather reporting by Michael Fish the night before the storm of 1987. Also check out their back catalogue for the now infamous ‘black metal interior design,’ and VHS video board game inspired ballads.

Check them out – you will not be disappointed!

By matthatton, Mar 9 2016 08:53PM

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By guest, Jan 1 2012 02:21PM

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